Mediation in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong (SAR)

Sarah E. Hilmer 9789077596746 | 1 edition, 2011


This book explores the mediation systems of mainland China and Hong Kong. Although no mediation law currently exists in either system, there are various provisions and institutional rules referring to mediation. In order to understand the distinct legislative mediation approach in both systems, the historical development of mediation is examined. In addition, the involvement of the judiciary and the mediation areas of PRC and Hong Kong are covered. The author sets out the differences and similarities between the two systems and concludes that the one country, two systems principle also applies to PRC's and Hong Kong's mediation systems: one country, two mediation systems.

As mediation is increasingly used to settle commercial disputes and China's role in international commerce is becoming pivotal, a book that specifically deals with mediation in China cannot fail to be of importance to anyone interested in mediation.

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Author's information

Dr Sarah E. Hilmer specializes in international commercial dispute resolution. She has a Master of Law and Legal Practice, Master of Law (International Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution), a PhD in Law (ADR), holds a Certificate of Business Management for Lawyers and a Certificate of American Business Law, is an accredited and practicing Mediator, and received her professional practical legal training in Sydney, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Sarah is admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court of NSW, Australia. Sarah is a panel member of numerous ADR institutions and organizations. Sarah also researched, published, and conducted lectures as an ADR Consultant in the Asian region including China, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam.


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