EU Emissions Trade Scheme and Aviation

U. Steppler en A. Klingmueller 9789077596791 | 1 edition, 2009

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This book provides a concise and convenient compilation of the EU directives and decisions concerning the inclusion of aviation into the existing greenhouse gas emission allowances trading scheme (ETS). An introduction has been added to set out the European and international context. Furthermore, some practical templates for reporting annual emissions and tonne-km data are included as well as a list of useful contacts.

The 2003 ETS Directive introduced emission trading for energy-intensive installations on an European level. Subsequently, the 2004 Linking Directive made further flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol available. In 2008 the Aviation Directive took EU ETS to the next level, as it included aviation in the scheme. This directive has been accompanied by the 2007 Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines (MRG), which were revised on 16 April 2009 providing detailed guidance as regards the determination of emissions and tonne-km data and streamlining the compliance cycle consisting of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) duties.

The book is a timely and welcome addition to the literature in the field and should be of interest to anyone dealing with aviation and environmental law.

This book is volume 6 in our Essential Air and Space Law series, a book series set up with the aim of establishing a collection of prominent studies in this particular field of law especially for experienced practitioners (e.g. lawyers, policy makers in governments, national and international organisations and private entities), in addition to scholars involved in the research and study of air traffic and space law.

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Ulrich Steppler ( is a partner with Arnecke Siebold Rechtsanwälte in the firm’s Frankfurt office. He specializes in aviation matters, focusing in particular on passenger air transportation. Ulrich has published numerous articles, case notes, and reviews as well as a book on IATA interlining. He is a graduate of the University of Marburg (1999) and the University of Kent at Canterbury (Diploma in English Law, 1996). He trained in London and Toronto, Canada and articled in Duesseldorf and New York, USA. Ulrich also holds a Master of Laws’ degree of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz (LL.M., 2007). Ulrich represents various national and international airlines, industry participants, and organisations in all relevant areas. He co-heads the Transportation, Aviation, and Logistics (TAL) department at Arnecke Siebold.

Dr. Angela Klingmüller ( is a partner with Arnecke Siebold Rechtsanwälte in the firm’s Frankfurt office. She specializes in aviation law, real property and environmental law. She advises clients from the national as well as the international aviation industry in a wide range of legal matters, including registration of airlines and aircraft mortgages, issues relating to the use of the airport and curfew restrictions, self-handling rights, relocation projects. She also advises international companies in real property transactions, commercial leasing agreements and environmental related matters. Angela is a graduate of the University of Munich (LMU) and received her doctoral degree (Dr. jur.) in 1997 from the University of Muenster. She trained in Cape Town, South Africa and Frankfurt and articled in Munich and New York, USA. She holds a Master of Laws’ degree (1993) of Duke University, School of Law, Durham, North Carolina, USA and has been a visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley; she is also admitted to the New York State Bar. Angela has published numerous articles and is a speaker at national and international seminars and conferences.


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